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euphonia silent yoga events

music unties knots in the heart

Gold oznf

Euphonia & Ozark Natural Foods

every tuesday in May 6 pm -7:15 pm

Euphonia nurtures embodiment, intention, and focus. Mishiah designs each event for relaxing the mind while moving the body. Euphonia students practice wearing RF (radio frequency ) headphones to foster focus and flow as the cues and playlist broadcast into students' lovely little ears. Excess and distracting noise is canceled - creating and encapsulating the individual experience.

Music has a way of loosening knots in the heart - shifting and massaging moods and an inspiring lightness of being. Euphonia incorporates music to balance ease with effort - creating a moving meditation backed by a soultronic soundtrack.

The bandwidth of human attention is limited. Relying on sight in a yoga class spends attention unnecessarily and can become a shortcut around presence. Watching other students creates a sort of half-presence in which both the mind and the body continue to move without intention. Thought loops, fear, planning, and distraction can still hover in the mind while students half-practice. Following other yogis is like copying another student's homework right before it's due. The work gets done, the learning does not, and it looks pretty sloppy.

Pratyāhāra is a meditative approach that means "to withdraw"- especially from the senses or external objects. Euphonia encourages students to withdraw from sight - intentionally anchoring focus in sound and touch. 

As students begin to soften their gaze, listen, and self-direct their bodies, the mind-body connection grows strong. Euphonia is an invitation to explore the inner bounds of being - moving through bocks and beyond thresholds that complicate being - both on and off the mat. 

euphonia in charlotte, nc