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if its not accessible, it's not yoga.







Why We're Different

At Mishiah Yoga we belive that a quality yoga education is more important than a sweaty workout - and it shows.

  • Chakra Rehab

    Chakras are energy centers, nerve clusters, & trauma storage facilities. Clearing chakral blocks along the spine works to heal trauma scars, restore the flow of energy, & support presence. 

  • Moving Meditations

    As students embark on their yoga journies, Mishiah believes that the meditative aspects are just as important as the physical practice. 

  • Small Classes

    Studio classes max out at seven students to keep clients healthy, promote individual experiences,  maintain client focus, and hold space for yogi growth and expansion.

  • Metaphysical Mixtape

    Mishiah aligns each yoga experience with accompanying music. Mostly consisting of EDM, house, otherwise soultronic & festy tunes - each soundtrack is designed to intensify the emotional aspects of the physical practice.

  • Guru on Retainer

    Guru means - one who casts out darkness. As a lightworker, Mishiah is a positive & motivational sherpa-like asset to any journey of growth. 

  • Yoga Nidra

    All of Mishiah's classes end in a guided meditation practiced laying down in Shavasana. Body scanning, somatic experiencing, and intention-setting make this meditative tradition great for beginners. 

Frequently asked questions

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What are the prerequisites to starting a yoga practice?

The desire to do so. That's it! Book a class and show up, thee'rs nothing more to do - you are ready now.

What kind of yoga do you teach?

Warm Hatha Yoga with meditative aspects and focus on discipline, feeling, and balance. Students develop a greater sense of presence, integrated strength, and healthy flexibility. 

When can I park?

Here's a map, & it's free!IMG_0255