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therapeutic private lessons

start before you're ready.

Mishiah curates private yoga lessons according to the needs and preferences of each client and incorporates elements of asana (physical yoga postures) practice, Vedic philosophy, talk therapy, somatic experiencing, physical therapy, sound journeys, and meditation into a comprehensive and healing yoga experience. 

Private lessons are therapeutic and take into account more than physicality. The physical practice is only the tip of the yoga iceberg, and while injury rehab is an excellent reason to start private instruction, the essential healing is more than bodily. A private yoga education gives curated guidance to align the body, mind, and soul.

Private lessons allow students to share in a safe space. Life experience, trauma, and methods of processing or storing trauma all play a role in creating and influencing the energetics of life.

Samskara are energetic blocks that develop in the wake of an undigested trauma or avoiding feelings related to an intensely emotional event. The unprocessed traumatic experience gets stored in the body - most often the hips, heart, or throat. When we move and stretch the physical body, Samskara begin to dislodge and break apart.

What we resist persists. The discomfort felt when performing dead-lifts or stretching into a split is not pain but more an expression of blocked, bottled-up feelings that linger in the body. When we avoid dealing with or processing hard emotions, they remain in the body - stretching might feel generally uncomfortable in a non-descript way as suppressed emotions and experiences are re-felt. By resisting movement or backing out of an uncomfortable stretch - Samskara persist. Only by giving careful attention to physical pain and difficult emotions - turning towards and leaning into discomfort - are Samskara digested by the light of our awareness. 

Beginner yogis refer to the discomfort of stretching and growing muscles as pain. Without yoga, it is easy to qualify sensations as feeling "good" and "bad." Yoga teaches the union of opposites and blurs the line of demarcation between "positive" and "negative," teaching students to see the "good" in the "bad" and the "bad" in the "good." 

The sensation of a painfully pleasurable massage or stretch best illustrates this union of opposites. Though uncomfortable, the "hurts so good" feeling also reads necessary. 

Private yoga instruction teaches the physical practice of yoga and then employs the practice as a tool to clear Samskara and restore energetics in the body, mind, and spirit. This clearing and restoration is a challenging yet unavoidable element on the journey to starting, growing, and sustaining a yoga practice.   

Opening to a journey of self-exploration is easier than sustaining the practice of remaining open and curious. Investing in private lessons is like hiring a guide to help navigate the awkward, exhausting, yet painfully essential process. Private instruction will expedite the unearthing and digesting of stale emotions - rerouting the withholding energy of Samskara into conscious self-direction and growth. 

Private instruction

Think you can't practice yoga?


Are you not flexible? Are you not strong? Are you not in shape? First of all, you are more flexible, strong, and in shape, than you perceive yourself to be. Second - you don't need to be any of those things to start a yoga practice. 

Remember the only prerequisites to beginning a yoga practice are:

  • Breath
  • Awareness
  • the Desire to Practice

Start before you're ready.

Most of us experience at least a small amount of neck pain from looking down at our various devices throughout the day. Just as it is unnatural for humans to be constantly looking down at a phone, those who use wheelchairs experience all manner of abnormal structural holding patterns that change the way the body does work. 

Adaptive yoga consists of postures, breathwork, and meditation that work to undo or counteract the mal effects of paralysis and the structural deformities that can occur in the organs and bones when one sits all day. 

When I started Mishiah Yoga, it did not occur to me to seek out clients who were sick or disabled. In my mind, healing is intrinsic to yoga; anyone could benefit and heal from my instruction. I began to advertise my services without an agenda, and my clients started to find me.

Buckey hired me as his yoga teacher back in April 2019. I trained him privately for several months with the goal of him eventually practicing in a group setting. By October of that year, he attended his first class at a local Charlotte studio and never looked back - taking the 6 am virtually every day until COVID shut down life as we know it. 

For many of us, COVID took and is taking a toll on virtually every aspect of life. A homebound, sedentary life does not breed healthy bodies or minds. Lack of physical activity is the most insidious side-effect of this quarantine. Like COVID - sedentary life degrades health and can bring lives to a premature end.

As many of us have - Buckey backslid. Getting fit only to go out of shape again is demoralizing. It takes a monster will and hardcore drive to get back in the gym.

Empathy is not born of an easy life. Feeling the feels and getting up from the falls either steels hearts or opens them. I am lucky to feel open-hearted in the wake of, frankly - a lot of bull shit. An open heart in the face of loss, pain, and discomfort bred empathy - allowing me to sense pain, name emotions, and truly see my students as they learn.

After practicing on wheels, I now have a better picture of how Buckey sees the world and a deeper understanding of how he learns. This experience helped me audit and galvanize my lessons with Buckey going forward.

Most people believe that they do not have what it takes to start a yoga practice, and for many reasons. Either they don't regard themselves as strong enough, flexible enough, or perhaps they do not feel like they look like a yogi. Buckey was brave enough to be bad at something for a while, and the same courage exists within all would-be yogis. 

 I invite you to start before you're ready and remind you that the only prerequisites to beginning a yoga practice are breath, awareness, and the desire to do so.