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Mishiah provides personalized yoga instruction tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each client. The sessions include various elements such as physical yoga postures, Vedic philosophy, talk therapy, somatic experiencing, physical therapy, sound journeys, and meditation, resulting in a comprehensive and healing yoga experience. 

Private lessons are designed to be therapeutic and address more than just physical aspects. While injury rehabilitation is a common reason for seeking private instruction, the primary focus is on healing beyond the physical body. Through curated guidance, private yoga education aims to align the body, mind, and soul.

Private lessons create a safe space where students can share and explore their life experiences, traumas, and methods of processing or storing trauma, which affect the energetics of life. Samskara, energetic blocks that form due to undigested trauma or avoidance of intense emotions, often get stored in the body, particularly the hips, heart, or throat. Through physical movement and stretching, Samskara can begin to dislodge and break apart.

Avoiding discomfort or resisting movement perpetuates the persistence of Samskara. By leaning into discomfort and giving careful attention to physical pain and difficult emotions, Samskara can be digested by the light of awareness. Yoga teaches the union of opposites, blurring the line between positive and negative and encouraging students to see the good in the bad and vice versa. 

Private yoga instruction teaches the physical practice of yoga and uses it as a tool to clear Samskara and restore energetics in the body, mind, and spirit. The process of clearing and restoration is challenging yet necessary for starting, growing, and sustaining a yoga practice. Investing in private lessons is like hiring a guide to help navigate this process and expedite the unearthing and digestion of stale emotions, rerouting the withholding energy of Samskara into conscious self-direction and growth.

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What is holding you back?

Do you think you're not capable of practicing yoga? Perhaps you believe you lack flexibility, strength, or physical fitness. However, it's important to realize that you may be more flexible, strong, and fit than you give yourself credit for. Furthermore, none of these qualities are necessary to begin practicing yoga.

The only essential requirements for starting a yoga practice are a willingness to try, a focus on your breath, and self-awareness. Don't let any perceived physical limitations hold you back from experiencing the benefits of this holistic practice.



When I first started teaching yoga , I didn't think to specifically target clients who were sick or disabled. I believed that anyone could benefit from yoga and heal through my instruction, so I began advertising my services without any particular agenda. As a result, clients started to find me on their own.

As we go about our daily activities, many of us experience varying degrees of discomfort caused by our habitual movements. For example, sitting for long periods can result in hip pain, frequent mouse usage can cause wrist pain, and constantly looking down at our phones can lead to neck pain. These habits cause our bodies to adopt unnatural positions that create long-term patterns of tension. Similarly, individuals who use wheelchairs will also develop abnormal holding patterns and structural changes in their bodies due to sitting in one position all day and using their arms and hands exclusively for movement.

In April 2019, Buckey hired me as his private adaptive yoga teacher. Adaptive yoga involves a combination of postures, breath work, and meditation that aim to counteract the negative effects of paralysis and structural deformities that occur from sitting all day. Our goal was to train for several months so that he could eventually participate in group yoga classes. By October of that year, Buckey attended his first class at a local studio in Charlotte and continued to take the 6 am class virtually every day until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything shut down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on every aspect of life. A sedentary lifestyle, in particular, can be detrimental to both physical and mental health. With quarantine measures in place, lack of physical activity has become one of the most harmful side effects, potentially leading to health problems and even premature death.

During this time, Buckey faced setbacks along with many others, and losing progress was demoralizing. To gain a better understanding of Buckey's limitations and opportunities, I practiced yoga with him using one of his spare chairs. This allowed me to see the world from his perspective and learn how he processes information. This experience helped me improve my private lessons with Buckey and tailor them more effectively to his individual needs.

Many people believe that they don't have what it takes to start a yoga practice, whether it's due to a lack of strength, flexibility, or not feeling like they fit the image of a typical yogi. However, Buckey's bravery in being bad at something for a while demonstrates that anyone can start a yoga practice. All you need is breath, awareness, and the desire to begin. So don't wait until you're ready - start now!

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