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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations

to a quiet mind, the whole universe opens.

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. This guided meditative tradition uses progressive relaxation techniques, including sound therapy, somatic awareness, and body scanning, to lead practitioners into a deeply relaxed state of conscious awareness.

In this state -the body is asleep while the mind stays open to sound and aware of being. Yoga Nidra allows practitioners to sink deeply into and identify with purpose - inspiring healing, creating alignment, and restoring the body, mind, and soul.

On the first Tuesday of December, I begin a series of seven live events on Insight Timer designed explicitly to align your Chakras by way of Yoga Nidra - taking a deep dive into the concept and embodiment of intention.

Yogis hear the word intention in most yoga classes, yet the term's ubiquity does not infer universal understanding. Sankalpa is a name for intention specific to a Yoga Nidra practice and is the ancient word for resolve or sacred vow.

Sankalpa begin with the words "I am..." and should describe a feeling, divine state, or way of being the practitioner wishes to embody. Yoga Nidra is a practice of inviting and reviving what we already are. Sankalpa nourish divinity - our deep, innate, and primal potential.

The seven Sankalpa as they pertain to the Chakra system :

7) Sahasrara - Crown - I am connected.
6) Anja - Third Eye- I am wise.
5) Vishudda - Throat - I am authentic.
4) Anahata - Heart - I am loved.
3) Manipura - Solar Plexus - I am powerful.
2) Svadhistana - Sacral - I am worthy.
1 ) Muladhara - Root - I am safe.

The health of each Chakra depends on the health of the chakras below. Note that to identify as worthy, one must first know safety. To understand personal power, one must also identify as safe and worthy. The embodiment of each Chakral Sankalpa is predicated on the realization of the lower intentions.

Yoga Nidra invites practitioners to assume their Sankalpa as their current way of being - to imagine how one would walk, talk, and move through the world, embracing the intention as a previously integrated realization or foregone conclusion.

Visceral imagining - the embodiment of any intention is the key to manifestation. Thinking of how you want to be and imagining how your life would change if you came to be that way is practicing intentional living. Consider how you would speak to others, provided you have already come to comprehend your worth.

Practiced lying down, Yoga Nidra can be a fantastic gateway to meditation, even if you are new to the game. Still, it typically starts as a mid-day nap, which is also lovely.

The healing of Yoga Nidra lies in inhabiting the body and unraveling the mind so that the unconscious landscape may be surveyed and redesigned intentionally. A Yoga Nidra practice allows emotional release, tunes Chakral equanimity, and will increase mindfulness in everyday experiences.​

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