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Mishiah Yoga is a small yoga studio located in the Wilson Park neighborhood of Fayetteville, AR, owned by Mishiah Crute - recently relocated from Charlotte, NC. Mishiah is a skilled and intuitive private yoga instructor who leads small group classes, curates online fitness courses, and plans meditation and yoga retreats. 

Mishiah designs group, private, and meditation classes to encourage students to live consciously. Undigested trauma scars lead to unconscious living & create a disconnect to presence which allows fear to rule the mind.


Everyone has trauma scars that create energy blocks in the body. The conscious practice of yoga and meditation heal blocked energy lines. Mishiah Yoga offers guidance in asana yoga, visualization, progressive relaxation, somatic experiencing, and intention setting. These practices, promise to catalyze healing of the mind, body, and soul allowing students to lead a full and conscious life.


Therapeutic private yoga 

Mishiah curates private yoga lessons according to the needs and preferences of each client and incorporates elements of asana (physical yoga postures) practice, Vedic philosophy, talk therapy, somatic experiencing, physical therapy, sound journeys, and meditation into a comprehensive and healing yoga experience. 


small-batch studio classes

Workshop intensive & landing somewhere between the pace of a slow-flow and a power yoga class, Small-Batch group classes focus on intentional movement, proper form, integrated strength, and healthy flexibility. Small-Batch classes max out at seven students to promote individual experiences,  maintain client focus, and hold space for yogi growth and expansion.


Euphonia silent yoga

Euphonia nurtures embodiment, intention, and focus. Mishiah designs each event for relaxing the mind while moving the body. Euphonia students practice wearing RF (radio frequency ) headphones to foster focus and flow as the cues and playlist broadcast into students' lovely little ears. Excess and distracting noise is canceled - creating and encapsulating the individual experience.


Yoga Nidra guided meditations

Yoga Nidra is an extremely relaxing meditative tradition that uses sound, somatic (body) awareness, body scanning, and intention to deeply heal and restore the body, mind, and soul. Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down, so this can be a fantastic gateway to practicing meditation even if you are new to the game. Still, it typically starts as a mid-day nap, which is also lovely.