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yoga for wellbeing

Euphonia Outdoor yoga series @ PACK RAT

Every Sunday at 11 Am

Euphonia nurtures embodiment, intention, and focus. Mishiah designs each event for relaxing the mind while moving the body. Euphonia students practice wearing RF (radio frequency) headphones to foster focus and flow as the cues and playlist broadcast into students' lovely little ears. Excess and distracting noise is canceled - creating and encapsulating the individual experience.

Tickets also available for purchase through the MINDBODY app 



therapeutic private instruction

Mishiah curates private yoga lessons according to the needs and preferences of each client and incorporates elements of asana (physical yoga postures) practice, Vedic philosophy, talk therapy, somatic experiencing, physical therapy, sound journeys, and meditation into a comprehensive and healing yoga experience. 

  • build confidence

    It is hard to start new things. Starting a yoga practice can be intimidateing - especially for those who may  suffer from social anxiety. Private instruction is a great way to "get your feet wet" in a safe space and build the confidence to practice in a group setting.

  • learn proper form

    Yoga is more than stretching. There is infinite nuance to the proper form of yoga postures. Before practicing in a group setting, many yogis find it helpful to understand the mechanics of postures. Private instruction teaches students to practice yoga the "right way" - avoiding bad habits that can be difficult to unlearn.

  • Guru on retainer

    Learn how to think, not what to think. Enlightenment is a long road and it can be difficult to get started. Students who wish to deepen their spiritual oasis find it useful to have a mentor- someone who has already started the journey and can provide support for others along their way. 



studio classes 

Workshop intensive & landing somewhere between the pace of a slow-flow and a power yoga class, group classes focus on intentional movement, proper form, integrated strength, and healthy flexibility. Classes max out at five students to promote individual experiences,  maintain client focus, and hold space for yogi growth and expansion.

  • Small-batch

    A holistic 75 min practice focused on moving the body with intention and stilling the body and mind in meditation. This class has a workshop vibe and is appropriate for both beginner and well-practiced yogis. Expect one hour of moving and stretching - focusing on proper form and alignment, followed by  a fifteen-minute abbreviated Yoga Nidra Shavasana.
  • Hatha fit

    This 60 minute class focuses on building strength, stamina, and flexibility. It is appropriate for those new to Yoga as well as those with plenty of yoga experience – options and modifications are always offered. Each class starts with  lighting up the abdominals through focused core work to warm up the spine and heat up the body, followed by a series of held postures. Class ends with gentle stretches an an abbreviated Yoga Nidra meditation in Shavasana. 
  • Move & Meditate

    In this class we move the body for thirty minutes with moderate intensity and gentle and stretching before laying down for an "Extended-release Shavasana" and guided thirty-minute Yoga Nidra practice. Complimentary blankets and blocks are available for student use, & students are welcome to bring bolsters, eye pillows, or any other prop they like.
  • Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is a healing and transformative meditative tradition incorporating somatic experiencing, progressive relaxation, body scanning, and intention setting. This style of meditation is practiced lying down & typically starts as a hypnotic nap. Complimentary blankets and blocks are available for student use, & students are welcome to bring bolsters, eye pillows, or any other prop they like.


energy tides workshops

Energy Tides Workshops are designed to align students with the universe through self-study and self-care.

All signs are welcome and can benefit from understanding the shifts in energy seasons.

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karma pricing

Do you serve? save 20-50% on class packs and subscriptions

At Mishiah Yoga, we believe in karma. We also believe that if it's not accessible - it's not yoga. Karma pricing is a way for us to give back to those that serve our community and provide substantial discounts to those willing to serve. We are committed to providing a yoga education to all those who desire to learn, regardless of socioeconomic standing. If you are in some way unable to serve, but still require financial assistance please reach out to us at

Those eligible for karma pricing include, but are not limited to: 


google reviews

"This is a class I just love taking. Crute not only caters to individual needs in the studio but also helps inspire to push your home practice farther. If you enjoy learning with your brain and your body, I highly recommend her class. 10/10 would go again."

Andrea Pappa

"I have been practicing with Mishiah since the COVID19 quarantine began. I was hesitant to partake as I am a beginner to yoga AND this would all be done through a virtual platform. My nervousness was quickly dismissed as she does such an incredible job of explaining the practice. Even as a beginner, I rarely have to watch her for visual cues since she can verbalize the practice so well."

Sarah Courman

"If you want to experience an overall mental and physical awakening Mishiah Crute’s Yoga Experience is for you. I’ve been attending one-on-one Yoga practices with Mishiah for almost 2 months, and with each class, a wave of clarity exudes my being. Not only am I learning to focus strength into specific muscles and areas of my body but the underlying pressures that we as humans become victim to are slowly coming to the surface and with guidance, those anxieties have been demanding less control of my life & overall happiness. Highly recommend taking part in this intimate, rejuvenating yet liberating yoga teaching with Mishiah."

Micah Galloway

"Mishiah is very knowledgeable and passionate about her instruction. I've become more involved in yoga over the last year after opting for a fitness approach that is less damaging than the other approaches I was heavily involved in. Combat and non-combat injuries incurred over 9.5 years in the Army have forced me to modify some of my training to prolong joint health. Mishiah recognized discrepancies in my gate on sight and after further discussion offered alternate and modified positions so I can continue training with minimal to no knee pain. Her recommendations and insights are thoughtful and easy to understand and have been incredibly helpful in keeping me training and moving. Her insights extend beyond yoga and have improved my mindfulness and overall well-being."

Jonathan Shinall

"I have been to a handful of classes before I tried this one and it is by far, the best yoga experience I’ve had. Mishiah is fun, knowledgeable and everything I would imagine a yoga instructor to be. If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!."

Tyler Rudisill

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