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About Mishiah

Mishiah Crute, affectionately known as Mish or Meesh, is a seasoned yoga and meditation instructor with more than a decade of experience. She holds over 1,000 hours of teaching expertise in Hatha, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra, and possesses a deep connection to the chakra system. Mishiah's yoga journey deepened in Bali during a 200-hour teacher training with Meghan Currie in 2018, where she also found Isvara (Isa), a perfectly mixed mutt who became her loyal companion.

Previously, Mishiah successfully ran her own studio in Fayetteville, AR. She later took a three-month hiatus in Costa Rica to focus on developing digital content and planning retreats, enhancing her versatile skill set. Currently, she is establishing roots in Charleston, SC, and teaching at Satsang Yoga in Mount Pleasant, SC  with the aim of growing a vibrant yoga community.

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Mishiah's teaching style is a unique blend of practicality and depth, sensual and embodied, focusing on spinal health and movement. Grounded in the wisdom of Rumi, who said, "through love, all pain turns to medicine," her approach is centered on healing and nurturing inner strength through self-love, physical poses, controlled breathwork, and guided meditation.

For Mishiah, teaching is more than a profession—it's a true calling. She is a dedicated guide on the mat, helping students on their self-discovery journeys. Her methods encourage authenticity and self-awareness, creating a deep sense of connection within her students.

Mishiah is also actively involved in retreat planning and leading yoga teacher trainings. One notable upcoming event is the Chakra Rehab: Xinalani retreat in July 2024 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, offering a chance to experience her transformative teachings in a serene setting.

In her leisure time, Mishiah enjoys exploring Charleston's diverse food scene, playing Scrabble, reading fantasy novels, and spending quality time outdoors with Isa. Her goal is to continue imparting her knowledge, aiding others in leading a balanced, mindful lifestyle. Mishiah's influence reaches beyond the yoga mat, inspiring her students to embrace their inner light in every aspect of their lives.


chakra rehab : xinalani | july 1-7 2024 | xinalani eco resort | puerto Vallarta | mx

Embark on a transformative journey with Chakra Rehab, a holistic yoga retreat nestled in the serene embrace of Xinalani, Puerto Vallarta. This sanctuary, surrounded by pristine sand and tranquil waves, offers a unique experience designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

This transformative experience spans seven rejuvenating days, including two for travel and five for immersive practice. During Chakra Rehab, participants will explore the ancient wisdom of the chakras, diving deep into each of the seven energy centers through a carefully curated blend of yoga practices, guided meditation, and interactive workshops.

Each day of this retreat focuses on two specific chakras, smoothly transitioning from one to the next. The journey unfolds methodically, employing purposeful asanas, breathwork, and meditation to cleanse, balance, and invigorate these energy centers. From grounding sessions that connect with the Root Chakra to the profound realization of the Crown, you will progressively build knowledge and experience.

Complementing these spiritual practices, Xinalani offers an ideal setting with its eco-friendly accommodations, allowing guests to reconnect with nature. Their skilled chefs prepare gourmet, nutritious meals designed to nourish each chakra, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that promote overall well-being.

Chakra Rehab is more than just a retreat; it's an intimate voyage of self-discovery and renewed vitality. Amidst the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta, participants will emerge feeling centered, revitalized, and in perfect harmony. Join us at Xinalani, where serene shores meet spiritual enlightenment.


Retreat Itinerary


Day 1 - Travel & Introduction 

Travel Day: On your arrival day, you'll meet fellow participants and get introduced to the chakra system. The focus is on the Root Chakra, laying the foundation for the retreat's exploration.

Day 2 - Root & Sacral 

Begin with Hatha yoga and delve into the Root Chakra's significance. Participate in grounding activities like walking meditation and a symbolic beach burial. In the afternoon, the focus shifts to the Sacral Chakra, creativity, and emotional balance.

Day 3 - Sacral & Solar

Engage in Vinyasa yoga and deepen your understanding of the Sacral Chakra. A creative workshop fosters self-expression, and a Temescal ceremony and ice bath offer purification and rejuvenation. The Solar Chakra takes center stage later in the day.

Day 4 - Solar & Heart

Start with a powerful yoga session and further explore the Solar Chakra. Participate in a backbend workshop or Ayurveda session, followed by Trataka meditation. The day concludes with an exploration of the Heart Chakra and practices to open the heart.

Day 5 - Heart & Throat

Experience heart-centered yoga and delve into the Heart Chakra. Choose between a flying workshop or Reiki healing. The Throat Chakra is introduced, emphasizing communication and self-expression, and the day ends with sound meditation.

Day 6 - Throat & Upper Chakra (Third Eye & Crown)

Focus on neck and throat opening in yoga practice and explore the Throat Chakra. Discover the Third Eye Chakra and its role in intuition. Finally, engage with the Crown Chakra, fostering higher consciousness and ending with a closing ceremony.

Day 7 - Travel

It's time to say goodbye and embark on your journey home, carrying the wisdom and balance gained during the retreat with you.

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therapeutic private instruction

Therapeutic private yoga lessons with Mishiah are carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each client. With a duration of 75 minutes, these private sessions are designed to be comprehensive and transformative yoga journeys, integrating various elements to promote healing and well-being. Private yoga instruction incorporates elements of: 

  • Asana (physical yoga postures) tailored to the client's needs and limitations
  • Physical therapy drills to address specific physical concerns and promote healing
  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Vedic Philosophy for mindfulness, self-reflection, and spiritual growth
  • Recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and self-care based on the client's constitution
  • Somatic therapy and experiencing for body awareness and integration
  • Bodywork techniques such as hands-on adjustments to release tension and improve alignment.


  • build confidence

    Starting something new can be tough, especially if you struggle with social anxiety. But with our private yoga instruction, you can build your confidence in a safe space, so you're ready to shine in a group class!

  • learn proper form

    Yoga is more than just stretching - it's a precise practice that requires proper form. Don't risk developing bad habits that are hard to break. Our private instruction ensures you learn the right techniques from the start, so you can perfect your postures and get the most out of your practice.

  • Guru on retainer

    Ready to deepen your spiritual experience? Our private instruction gives you access to a personal mentor - someone who has already embarked on the journey to enlightenment and can provide invaluable support along the way.

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google reviews

"Mishiah is an amazing yoga instructor. Every class is a curated experience based on student needs for that day. I always feel like I’m getting a private yoga session! Her classes have taught me so much about my body and mind. She has a careful focus on spinal health and posture improvement through yoga. Since joining her studio, I have experienced tremendous relief in my chronic back pain. I’d recommend Mishiah to anyone looking for specific needs or overall improvement of physical and mental health."

Igor Marques

"My experience at this yoga studio has been an amazing one. I began as a novice beginner with private lessons with Mishiah. Mishiah is intuitive and “sees” her students, is kind and supportive, but doesn’t hold back on correcting and adjusting your postures and poses. She doesn’t just offer a yoga class. Mishiah offers a whole new way of being and thinking. After being Mishiah’s student for seven months, I’m grateful for my ever-improving practice and life! An added bonus is Isa, the precious Bali pup who sweetly greets you upon entering the studio!"

Sherilynn Brown

"Mishiah Yoga is a wonderful place to build physical strength, emotional safety, and a supportive community. As a relatively new yogi, I found her studio and have grown so much in my practice and in myself with her instruction. Mishiah is gifted at beautifully shaping her practices around the mind-body connection, with every practice focusing on cultivating a connection with your physical and emotional selves. I particularly enjoy that each class is tailored to the needs of the group that day. A bonus is always getting snuggles from the studio pup, Isa!"

Lauren Rosso

"Mishiah is very knowledgeable and passionate about her instruction. I've become more involved in yoga over the last year after opting for a fitness approach that is less damaging than the other approaches I was heavily involved in. Combat and non-combat injuries incurred over 9.5 years in the Army have forced me to modify some of my training to prolong joint health. Mishiah recognized discrepancies in my gate on sight and after further discussion offered alternate and modified positions so I can continue training with minimal to no knee pain. Her recommendations and insights are thoughtful and easy to understand and have been incredibly helpful in keeping me training and moving. Her insights extend beyond yoga and have improved my mindfulness and overall well-being."

Jonathan Shinall

"I started private lessons with Mishiah at a time when I was having many life changes & seeking help mentally and physically. She invests in her students and teaches practices that are not just good for your body, but also your mind. Her studio is beautiful! She has created a place where you feel safe and cared for. The growth I have seen in myself since beginning practice with Mishiah is wonderful! Highly recommend!"

Hanna Colvin

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